Registration FAQ


Q. Are there any prerequisites to join the swim team?
A. Yes. The child should meet certain swimming skills prerequisites to join the team.

Q. My child doesn't know how to swim very well, can he still join the team?
A. Currently we do not have a learn-to-swim program.

Q. Can my child start practicing as soon as I pay the registration fees and submit the paperwork?
A. No. The paperwork has to be processed by Laredo Nadadores, South Texas Swimming and USA Swimming. Once that is successful, an ID card is obtained by Laredo Nadadores. A call is placed to the parent to collect the ID card and start bringing the child to the practices.

Q. After submitting the completed application, how long do I have to wait to bring my child to practices?
A. It depends. It may take up to one month before your child may become eligible for practices. Please check the New Registration Process Web Page below the Registration tab on this web site.

Q. Can my child start practices while the registration is being processed?
A. No. Its against the Club, City, South Texas Swimming and USA Swimming policies to swim without registration. It is not in your or the swimmers' best interest to come to practices without registration.

Q. Why does it take so long to process the registration?
A. Currently, USA swimming registration process is completely electronic. It has undergone a major overhaul. Registration processing does not take place on a per swimmer basis. It is not feasible to do so. A batch of swimmers has to be generated and then submitted to the SWIMS database. IDs are generated by USA Swimming and sent to us. It's best to be patient and do it right the first time, else your swimmer's times will be unverifiable.