New Registration Procedure

  • Consult with Abdul Mohammed (Head Coach) Email: Phone: 956-645-8874

  • Set up an appointment for a try-out. The swimmer should meet a certain skills criteria to be accepted into the competitive team.

  • Try-out and receive feedback from the coach. Please do not be very disappointed if the testing coach recommends for your swimmer to take some additional learn-to-swim classes before admitting him/her into the team. Its in the best interest of the swimmer.

  • The testing coach will submit a report of recommendation.
    If the try-out results is a positive recommendation, please complete the New Registration Packet, include a copy of the birth certificate, and pay the necessary fees. If the swimmer was born out of the US then you may opt to present the proof of citizenship, else the swimmer will be registered as the citizen of country of birth.
    No incomplete applications will be processed.

  • Please submit all documentation in a single package, not in piece-meal.
    Note: Your swimmer is NOT yet eligible to practice or attend a meet.
    The registration packet will then be delivered to Mr. Abdul Mohammed for processing.

  • The registration packet will be processed. The swimmer will be added to the local registration holding tank (batch). Once a sufficient number of swimmers are in the holding tank, the registrations will be submitted to the South Texas Swimming and subsequently to the USA National SWIMS database.

  • ST Swimming will process the application and send an ID card.
    Once an ID card is received and given to the swimmer, ONLY then, he/she is eligible to practice and attend meets.Make sure the swimmer doesn't loose the ID Card. If possible make a copy of the card and store it in a safe place.