Abdul Mohammed

Head Coach

Email : laredonadadores@gmail.com

Coach Mohammed has an extensive background in swimming for seven years and one year as a coach for high school swimmers. He has also coached at seven age group state championships with 90 hours of educational credits in swimming instruction; furthermore, is a member of USA Swimming, TISCA, high school coaches association, and American Swim Coaches Association. Mohammed has coached the South Texas Team at Southern Zone Championships and Sectional Championships, and was selected to attend coaches training at Olympic Training Center in Colorado.

In addition, Coach Mohammed has been teaching Computer Information Systems at Laredo Community College for 21 years. He has a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and multiple Masters' in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Information Systems. Coach Mohammed is a recipient of NISOD Teaching Excellence Award and Laredo Gateway Rotary Educator award.

Coach Mohammed's Coaching Philosophy

The basis of my coaching philosophy begins with the fundamentals of swimming. An important aspect of my coaching is to teach good technique and skills and providing reasons, which will ensure that the swimmers will not only learn, but will understand the meaning of what they are doing.

My coaching philosophy is based on trust, loyalty, discipline and integrity. My expectations are based on realistic, but high standards. I have goals set, and, our team will make those goals obvious to others, through hard work and dedication to the team and the sport.

I approach the sport of swimming, much like the game of life. We must continuously make adjustments according to what is thrown in our direction. Decisions must be made based on what is best for the team and also what is best for the individual. Since the team is made up of athletes, making sure that each and every athlete is given equal oppurtunity to excel will ensure the team's success. Our competitive team is a swimmer-centered, parent-supported, coach-driven, and team-minded program.